Construction Industry Tax Fraud Costs Taxpayers Over $80 Per Second, Up to $2.6 Billion Per Year.

Watch the losses climb, from
Jan. 1, 2018, to now.

Days of Action are Coming. Events in the Works!

By Matthew Capece, Special Representative to the General President UBC members and regional councils throughout the Carpenters Union are gearing up for a variety of events to raise awareness about Construction Industry Tax Fraud.  For example:  Harrisburg, Pa.  About 150 members from Altoona, Scranton and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will bus to the State Capitol on April 15 for a Day of Action event to raise awareness about tax fraud among state legislators and … Continued

Yeah. We pay while others look the other way.

“That’s what this boils down to. We have these people intimidated,” said Mike Nobles, a notorious supplier of labor to millionaire construction contractors.

That’s the type of guy that more and more construction companies are turning to. Not only do they intimidate their workers, they pay them off the books—no tax payments, no overtime pay, a lack of safety and cheating on insurance premiums. You know, short-sheeting on all the basic stuff that legitimate contractors are supposed to do.

A Contractor Speaks Out: ‘A Bad Situation that Builds on Itself’

It’s hard for a legitimate contractor to stay afloat when we are forced to compete against other contractors’ bad behavior. It takes time and resources to bid projects, but we know that when we are bidding against cheating contractors it is unlikely that we will be awarded the job.

Are you fed up with Construction Industry Tax Fraud? We Are.

It’s Time to Stand Up, Speak Out, TAKE ACTION. In the U.S., tax season officially started in the U.S. at the end of January when the IRS requires employers to send W-2 forms to all employees. Seems simple, but more and more workers who should get a W-2 don’t—because many of those who employ them … Continued