Construction Industry Tax Fraud Costs Taxpayers Over $80 Per Second, Up to $2.6 Billion Per Year.

Watch the losses climb, from
Jan. 1, 2018, to now.

Construction Industry TAX FRAUD is Robbing Our Communities

But We are Standing Up to Tax Fraud

DAYS OF ACTION — APRIL 13 – 15, 2019

It’s an epidemic, and it’s no accident — it is intentional. Many cheating contractors pad their pockets by evading their tax obligations. Using underhanded schemes, they fail to properly deduct and pay employment-related taxes and premiums.

The tax funds lost because of cheating could be used to help build schools and reduce class sizes, improve infrastructure, increase funding for first responders, and help veterans without adding anything more to the deficit.

Working families — Honest businesses — City, state and federal budgets — We are all getting ripped off!

Construction Industry Tax Fraud
is REAL, and It’s Hurting
Our Communities

Who Says?

Listen to the Experts!

  • From a Contractor
    “Every tax that’s not paid affects schools, hospitals and municipalities.”
    Steve Schramm, Vice President, OK Interiors, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • From an Elected Leader
    “It’s tax fraud, because it’s the taxes that you and I pay that are being manipulated. The moneys we have, the contracts, the incentives we provide come from our taxes.”
    Joe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis
  • From a Contractor:
    “I see it every day. Other legitimate business owners see it, too, when they are regularly underpriced for jobs…. (T)here is no other explanation … other than cheating.”
    Douglas Burton, President, Whitman Masonry, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, 2015 op-ed column, The News & Observer
  • From the Canada Revenue Agency
    “Unpaid taxes mean less money for programs, such as health care, childcare, employment insurance, and pensions.”
    Canada Revenue Agency, quoted in a Global News article, June 21, 2016
  • From a Contractor
    “(We are) competing against people who pay 20 or 30 percent less to their workers because they’re getting around premiums and taxes.”
    Danny Odom, Chief Operating Officer, Odom Construction Systems, Maryville, Tennessee
  • From a Staffing Executive
    “It creates an unlevel playing field for us. But there’s just so much money being lost to the state.”
    Adam Bermudez, owner of a Louisiana temporary staffing firm
  • From a Former IRS Officer
    “Due to budget cuts, attrition and shift in focus, there’s been a collapse in the commitment to take on tax fraud.”
    Chuck Pine, former IRS third-ranking criminal enforcement officer, quoted in a ProPublica article, October 1, 2018.)
  • From a Federal Treasury Official
    “Although the willful failure to remit employment taxes is a felony, there are fewer than 100 criminal convictions per year. (I)n our opinion, there is likely little deterrent effect.”
    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, March 21, 2017, Treasury Dept. Report #IE-14-032.
  • From a Contractor:
    “Legitimate contractors like us compete against these companies that don’t pay taxes, and that’s very hard to do. It puts us obviously at a disadvantage.”
    Victor Roach, President, Western Partitions, Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon
  • From a Labor Broker:
    “That’s what this boils down to. We have these people intimidated.”
    Mike Nobles, Memphis based Labor Broker, quoted about exploiting immigrants, in a Denver Post article, February 16, 2003

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